Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Review: BYS Blushes

Recently I headed into The Reject Shop to try out some of the BYS blushes! I had heard mixed reviews, so I was curious to give them a try myself!
L-R: Coral, Candyfloss, Pretty in Pink

There are 7 colours I believe, and I managed to pick up 3. I've had varied experiences with each colour, so I will review them individually. (Swatches on my arm will be at the end).

CORAL - This is my favourite of the 3 I purchased. I am a bit of a sucker for coral blush and lipstick, so buying this was a bit of a given.. :) This is a very pigmented formula, and has quite a shimmer in it. I had to be careful when I applied this, because just dabbing my brush into it gave me a LOT of product! 

CANDYFLOSS - When I bought this, I wasn't quite sure how to explain the colour. I guess it is a super pale pink with a bit of a yellow undertone? I didn't know what to expect, but it gives a really pretty colour on my cheeks and I was quite impressed! I had to dab my brush into this a bit more than the Coral blush, as the pigmentation wasn't as strong.

PRETTY IN PINK - Sorry about this photo! It's a bit out of focus :/
This appears to be a classic light girly pink, but I was not impressed with the pigmentation. This blush transfered onto my finger quite sheer when swatching, and almost didn't show up onto my arm. I have not had a chance to test this on my face yet, so maybe my opinion will change. In the swatch below, it took quite a few swatches to build up the colour. This would be my least favourite of the three, which is quite disappointing because I had high hopes after such great experiences with the other two.


Overall, I was impressed with the quality of these blushes, especially as they are only $4! I am hoping to pick up some of the other shades when I get a chance. I found these to have quite a silky texture as well, which was really nice and soft... hahah!

One downside is all three have quite a strong shimmer in them, so if you prefer matte blushes, STEER CLEAR!!

I hope you enjoyed this review - give me some feedback! Have you tried these blushes? What are your favourite shades?
Until next time, Krystal xxx

L-R: Coral, Candyfloss, Pretty in Pink

Poor quality swatches, I know... camera wouldn't pick them up

L-R: Coral, Candyfloss, Pretty in Pink

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