Monday, 16 April 2012

Review: OPI's "Last Friday Night" (Katy Perry collection)

I recently purchased OPI's "Last Friday Night" polish from the Katy Perry collection. I had heard good, bad and mixed reviews on this polish, and I decided to give it a go myself.

I'm going to start by saying every review I read was correct - this polish is SO DECEIVING. In the bottle, it gives the illusion that it will transfer as a somewhat opaque blue with sparkles. However, this polish applied directly to a clean nail (well, mine had a base coat) it actually clear, with blue and silver sparkles (see picture below).

(Flash stuffed this up a little, but you get the point..)

I'll admit I was quite disappointed with the colour in the end, so I decided to take a random mix of blue/lilac/dark polishes I own and test the glitter against them, hoping to create an outcome that looks more like the desired colour I hoped for in the bottle.

The base polishes I used (in order from pointer finger-pinky): Ulta3 "blue marlin", Mode "Hook me up", Revlon "Lily" (see separate post on this polish here), Rimmel "Cobalt."

These are each of the base colours before applying the OPI polish*
(*My ring finger has Revlon's "Lily" with OPI's "Last Friday Night" already in this photo, as I had previously tested it the night before this photo... Sorry! Read my previous blog post to see the colour on it's own!)

Here are each of the nails with "Last Friday Night" over the top.
(Thumb: "Last Friday Night" on it's own, Pointer: Ulta3 "Blue Marlin", Middle: Mode "Hook Me Up", Ring: Revlon "Lily", Pinky: Rimmel "Cobalt.")

(Mode "Hook Me Up", Ulta3 "Blue Marlin")

(Rimmel "Cobalt," Revlon "Lily" - with a massive chip, whoops!!)

Which do you think looks the best? Do you own this polish? Have you tried it over any polishes?
Leave your comments below!
Hope you enjoyed this post!
Krystal xoxox


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