Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Review: Savvy by DB Brush Set

 Today I will be reviewing the 4-piece Savvy brush set! 

(sorry for upcoming blurry and dodgy-lighting photos!!)

This 4-piece brush set was a free gift at Priceline about a month or more ago when you spent $10 or more on the Savvy range. I'm not sure if this is the case with all Priceline pharmacies, but it seemed to be around the time that the Savvy shelves were restocked at all of the ones I regularly visit.
The set came with a lip brush, a concealer brush, a sponge-tip eyeshadow applicator brush and a powder brush.


This lip brush does a great job at colouring the lips. I've only owned a few lip brushes in the past so I'm not really able to compare it's quality.


I have been using this almost every day since I got it - I love it! It blends in my concealer really well and feels nice on the skin.


This is basically a cheap sponge-tip applicator with a longer handle. Personally I hate these applicators with a passion ahah. I think they're almost useless really - you can't really clean them, and they don't always apply shadows well. I've used this a few times to apply a highlight but that's about it because I know the second I dip it into a colour it's stained forever..


This brush is really brittle. I think being compressed with the plastic cover caused it to keep that shape (as you can see from the last photo). The bristles are really hard and don't feel gentle on the skin - I only tried to use this once and it's gone straight to my bottom draw... Not useful at all.

So overall this brush set was hit and miss for me - I use the lip & concealer brushes often, but the eyeshadow applicator & powder brush have no use for me. I think you can still get this brush set in some Priceline stores even though the free-gift-period is over, because they still had them at the Savvy stands when I visited last week. Not entirely sure what their retail price is, but I wouldn't totally recommend the last two brushes so... I guess it's up to you.

While this review wasn't totally great, every Savvy makeup product I have tried I have loved! I may do a review on all the products I own as I think they're great for the price.

Love Krystal x

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