Sunday, 13 January 2013

2013 Spending Ban: Using make-up as a reward system

Howdy bloggers! Today I thought I'd share my newest challenge with you all - a new spending ban. This isn't a regular spending ban but rather using make-up purchases as a reward system. Read on to learn more :)

Last September I completed a Project Pan (click here to read all my posts on that) and while I ignored make-up for that month, I found myself throwing away my money on other items just to pass the time (such as clothes, jewelry, etc). When my Project Pan ended, I went right back to my old ways; realising I have become even more careless with money than I ever was. I was thinking of ways to stop myself when I came up with my new challenge.

While saving money is a huge factor behind this idea, I also wanted to incorporate other things I would like to achieve in my life. After about an hour of pondering I decided to use make-up purchases as rewards for both weight loss milestones and good grades at University.

We'll start with weight loss. Losing weight is a difficult task for me (and many others I'm sure) and all of my previous attempts have been unhealthy. Weight loss is a mind game, and I feel like my head might be screwed on right this time. I didn't want to make the milestones too easy nor too hard, so I have settled for a reward every time I lose 5kg (roughly 11lbs). As I started this challenge on an odd number (not a variation of 5) I am going to ease myself into it by only having 3kg to lose the first time before a reward, then the 5kg milestones begin. I decided against a time-related goal because I have finally realised there is no rush - I will take my time, work hard and keep it off. I also don't have unrealistic goals to be a size 6-8 - I know I'm big-boned and it's a ridiculous thing to aim for. I have decided I would be happy with a size 10-12/Medium (For reference, I am a size 16/XL now). I figured this would save me a lot of money while I complete this challenge - I will sort out a new money saving plan when I am closer to my goal hey! (If you would like a separate post on my weight loss goals & fitness plans, let me know! I know this is a beauty blog but hey, a girl can branch out!)

The other thing I plan to reward is good grades. I am not a bad student, but I am on the borderline between average and 'good' (not GREAT). I achieved great overall grades for my subjects last year and I was really proud of myself, so what better way to celebrate than to reward myself? I haven't figured the logistics of this yet, but I will think of a grade that I hope to achieve for each assignment and if I reach it or above, I will buy something small. Maybe limit to one item.

My first weight reward that I am planning on purchasing consists of:
- MAC Party Parrot lipstick** $36
- MAC Fix+ 30mL $15
- Maybelline Illegal Length Mascara $18-19

** The only exception to this rule will be limited edition collections... I will not be resisting MAC's Party Parrot lipstick when the Strength collection finally arrives in February. Hopefully I will have lost my 3kg by then and it won't be as bad, but if not I will be purchasing it anyway. I HAVE to have it! ;)

I hope this post was interesting and maybe even gave you a creative way to approach a spending ban?
Here's hoping I will stick to it!
Love, Krystal x


  1. I absolutely love this idea. I should do this when I finish my project pan!

  2. What a great idea! Good luck on your goals! Don't forget to link up on Fitness Fridays so myself and other bloggers can support you!

    ♥ Duckie.