Tuesday, 11 September 2012

I'm starting a Project Pan!!!!!

Hi everyone!
As you may or may not know, I have a ridiculous spending habit. There is a hole in my pocket and I spend money like it's water. I'm impulsive, and I will buy anything I like, even if it means skipping meals to buy a product (what?!). My makeup collection is expanding yet I find myself using mostly the same products. So, I have decided to take on a challenge - a beauty-related spending ban.

I'm not going to give a fancypants description so if you're wondering what Project Pan is in more detail, have a google search & you'll find it :) But basically what you do is decide on how many products you want to hit pan on or finish completely before you buy ANYTHING else. I'm nervous just writing this but it has to be done. Even if that means cancelling my planned excursion to Inglot this week.

I'm not going to be TOO strict on myself, so I am not going to make sure I finish everything up completely. There are a few things that I have already hit pan on & I'd like to use up (and get rid of!!), and there are some things that I'd be happy just to hit pan on.

For now, I'm going to try and avoid buying anything beauty related for the rest of September. This may or may not kill me... I'm going to start with the basic Project Pan number of 10 items and see how I go. I am including hair and skincare products as well, because I have SO MANY that I have barely used!!

All of the products I use up I will shift to the draw of empties I've accumulated this year (I'm planning on doing a massive empties video/blogpost at the end of 2012). I will then be having a great new year saying goodbye to (hopefully) a large part of my collection.

The thing that I'm mostly worried about is that I have 4 powders I'd like to use up. FOUR!! We'll see how I go hey! I've hit pan on two of them, one is almost there, and another is a mineral loose powder so no 'pan' really exists (I want that gone completely please!!).

I will post an update once I've reached 5 products & we'll see how I'm going. I might expand to 15-20 if I can do it, but I'm taking it easy. To make it through this week avoiding Priceline will be SO. HARD!!!!!

Love Krystal xxxx

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