Sunday, 9 September 2012

REVIEW: Mode Nail Polishes!

I featured the Mode nail polishes in my latest August Beauty Favourites video because I have SERIOUSLY been loving them! I own 3 of the polishes at the moment, but I will DEFINITELY be getting more! Read more as to why.

(This photo is not mine, found on Google)
My sister owns a Mode polish in "Hook Me Up" which I briefly featured in my OPI Last Friday Night review as a base colour, but never really looked at it twice. It wasn't until I was rushing out the door with clean fingernails that I saw the large, bright display of Mode polishes at my local pharmacy when I decided to really give them a try.

Firstly, they are only $2.45! That is an INCREDIBLE price. To give any of you non-Australians a price comparison, an average Revlon polish is $13.95-$16.95, Essie is $18.95, and OPI is $19.95. Uh, yeah. These are a bargain!

On my first trip to the pharmacy, I was overwhelmed by the large display - I am pretty sure there are 66 polishes in the permanent collection. Having an addictive yet undecisive nature, I picked up two polishes - Blue Steel & Party Crasher.

Also due to indecisiveness, I couldn't decide which colour I wanted on my nails so I incorporated both. Probably not the best colour match, but I was keen to test out the formulation. Believe these words: this opacity was achieved with one. single. coat. JUST ONE!! I was blown away! For $2.45, these are crazy good!!

I also went back and picked up Party Girl with my loose change. How could you resist?!

I was so impressed with these. The only complaint (if I was to make one) would be that the brush is a bit thin. But for $2.45, am I really allowed to complain?!

I would recommend checking these out if you know anywhere that sells them. The only place I have seen them was at this particular Pharmacy (was a local one, not a chain) and at an Australis Direct Factory Outlet last year. If I ever do any form of giveaway, I will be throwing some of these in for sure.

At my local pharmacy the entire Mode range retails for $2.45, not just the nail polishes. I do own two Mode eyeshadow duos and a foundation/concealer stick, but I'm not as blown away as I am with these.

I think I'll be picking up some more shades for Spring & Summer!

Krystal x

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