Monday, 4 February 2013

MAC Party Parrot VS Watch Me Simmer: Swatches, Review & Comparison

After calling and visiting every MAC counter near me asking when the Strength collection will be launched in Australia, I finally got my hands on Party Parrot! I've wanted this lipstick ever since I saw it online but always wondered how similar it was to another limited edition lipstick Watch Me Simmer that I also own. As there aren't many posts on the topic, I decided to write up this post for you all.

Watch Me Simmer, Party Parrot

Watch Me Simmer was first released as a part of the Shop MAC, Cook MAC collection in mid-2012 (this is when I purchased it) and not long after also appeared in the Reel Sexy collection. It is described by MAC as a "bright orange-pink" however I would disagree. This lipstick is mostly pink with the slightest hint of orange. It is an amplified formula and the colour is very vibrant.

Party Parrot was first released with the Iris Apfel collection in early 2012 and recently re-promoted with the Strength Collection. MAC describes it as a "bright red-pink" and I would say this description is a lot more accurate than the previous. This lipstick is very bright and is a statement on the face.

Watch Me Simmer, Party Parrot

How do they compare?

Watch Me Simmer (top), Party Parrot (bottom)

WMS is a lot more orange-toned in comparison to PP yet it is not a true orange. PP is a lot more of a deeper red-tone and a lot more vibrant. WMS is a lot creamier upon application as PP is a Matte finish.

Now for lip swatches!
(please excuse any redness in the corners of my mouth - bit dry and flaky this week :( boo!)

Watch Me Simmer

Party Parrot

Watch Me Simmer

Party Parrot

Side by side...


I hope this was helpful! As I only got Party Parrot today it's hard to tell which is my favourite, but I guess we'll wait and see!


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