Monday, 18 March 2013

L'Oreal Colour Caresse Shine Stain '300 Juliet' swatch and review!

Howdy bloggers! Haven't sat down and written an in-depth review for a while so I thought it was about time. 

The L'Oreal Colour Caresse Shine Stains recently hit the Australian shores (once again quite quickly! I am impressed with how quickly we are getting products these days!) and I decided to pick one up while there was a 30% off L'Oreal promotion at Priceline - luckily for me I also had a $5 off 'happy sister club anniversary' voucher so I only paid $11 something instead of the full $23.95.

I want to start off by mentioning that America and other parts of the world got a larger range of these with completely different names so I have absolutely no clue if this shade has a different name in a different country or if it is entirely different.

There is a large hype around this product for many reasons but the main one is that it is said to be a dupe for the YSL Glossy Stains. I haven't tried any of those so this will not be a comparison post - this is solely a review based on my experience with this product.


The packaging is very cute on this product - a plastic white-gold look with a transparent strip that shows the colour of the product inside. The name of the shade is on a clear sticket placed on the wand side of the product. Earlier today a friend of mine told me that the colours are quite deceiving and I will agree - you will see why as I continue with this post.

This product has a very sweet fruity-floral smell. Not too overpowering.


The wand on this product is very slim and slightly oval-shaped with a pointed edge which is handy for lining the lips. I was skeptical about this wand but to my surprise it was very soft! Gave an even application on the lips.

Bare lips

Wearing #300 Juliet

This product claims to give the power of a lip stain but appear like a lip gloss. I will admit it is very glossy! It looks very luscious on the lips. When first applied, the product needs to sit for a good two minutes to dry... When rubbing my lips together I found that the product disappeared from the centre of my lips and I had to re-apply, so I cannot stress enough that you let it dry first.

A major disappointment I have with this product is the deceiving colours. When purchasing Juliet it appeared to be a berry fuchsia colour from the packaging - the sole reason I chose it as I know I can play it safe with berry hues on my skin tone. This stain is straight out RED! I am very confused as it even appears pink on the wand!! I am not the only person in Australia who has said this also (but about different shades).

I'm not sure if this^ photo shows my point, but they are different shades.

(Photo taken with flash to try and show the fuchsia colour)


A fresh swatch, appears red

A dried swatch from 5 hours earlier, appears fuchsia


The lasting power of this product varies on what you are doing. If you are not eating or drinking, this lasts about 5 hours and stays moist and glossy. If you ARE eating or drinking... different story.

I wore this for approximately 1 hour before having dinner. When I was finished, I checked my lips to find a lipliner-like dark ring around my lips with the centre lightly stained.. Not so cute.

Once my lips looked like this, they were so unbearably dry I had to take it off. My lips felt tight and uncomfortable.

Overall I will be honest and say that this product is not for me. It feels like much more of a hassle than a lip stain should be! Not being able to move my lips for 2-3 minutes until it dries is frustrating, and knowing it doesn't last well through food or drinks doesn't set it aside from a regular lipstick for me.

There are aspects that I do like such as the moisture before anything touches the lips, the applicator and the scent but I was generally disappointed (especially about the colour) for such a highly hyped up product.

Every great review I have read are written by Americans so it is possible that the product is slightly different. I will continue to try and use this product but as it stands I will not be buying any more (especially not for $23.95!!)

I hope this was helpful! Let me know your thoughts on the product.

Love Krystal xoxo

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  1. Great to stumble upon your blog! I have same experience with this stain. I was hugely excited to try. In india. the shades are named same but numbers are different. Juliet i bought is 702 and looks coral red in bottle. On lips it becomes tomato red! Also, it becomes uncomfortable dry!