Friday, 1 March 2013

Maybelline ColorSensational VIVIDS lipstick VIVID ROSE: Review & Swatch

These recently arrived in Australia (I am actually impressed with how quickly they arrived!!) and I decided to pick one up!

The lipstick I picked up was in the shade Vivid Rose which I am quite in love with. It is a vibrant pink (as you'd imagine from a lipstick line titled 'vivids') and despite my extensive lipstick collection I am pleased to say I have nothing like it!

The lipstick is surprisingly creamy and moisturising as it has honey nectar extracts in it! I happened to have very dry lips when I bought this too which was nice ha! :)

The colour is pretty long lasting and stays vibrant for 3-4 hours (I reapply by habit so it's hard to be exact).

I bought this from Woolworths for $16.95 which is the standard price for all Maybelline ColorSensational lipsticks in Australia.

Not sure if I will pick up any more of these just yet, need to give my bank account a rest....

Krystal xo


  1. It´s very nice

  2. Beautiful shade! These came quite quickly to Aus which I am happy about, now for the color whispers! I'm really interested in picking up Shocking Coral.