Thursday, 18 April 2013

DUPE ALERT! MAC Lickable lipstick vs Revlon Lollipop Lip Butter

Hey bloggerzzz! I've been wanting to post this for a while but only just took a moment to sit down and do it! I am here with a dupe for you all - MAC's Lickable lipstick and Revlon's Lollipop lip butter are virtually the same.

Obviously I had no idea when I picked up Lickable - I had seen it swatched online and wrote it on a list to buy in Hawaii last year. When I was in the MAC store there I handed it to the assistant who collected everything for me and I never saw it before I bought it. Silly move, right? Now I have two lip products which are almost identical.

There are only two differences in these lip products, the first obvious one being the finish. The lip butter is a balm-y finish on the lips, and the lipstick evidently feels like a lipstick. Lickable is a Cremesheen finish though, so both are very moisturising. The second difference is that the lip butter gives a lot more shine.

Are you ready for the swatch?

Can you even guess which is which?! Hahah. Lollipop is on the left, Lickable is on the right.
The colour is almost identical - a definite dupe.

In Australia a Revlon lip butter retails for $21.95 & a MAC lipstick is $36. To buy the lip butter you will be saving $14.05 - wahooooo! (Still expensive, don't worry, I could rant about that forever).

I've also compared it to some other lipsticks in that colour family that I own.

MAC Speak Louder, Revlon Lollipop, MAC Lickable, Maybelline Vivid Rose

Speak Louder is a lot more red-toned than the others. When looking at Speak Louder & Lickable in the tube they look very similar but swatched they are very different.
Vivid Rose is quite similar in colour but less blue-toned.
I'm discovering I have a lot of lippies in this colour family.... guess I know now not to pick up another one!

I hope you enjoyed this post and it was helpful. Would you like to see more dupe posts?
Krystal x

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