Monday, 15 April 2013

REVLON LIP BUTTER COMPARISON: Wild Watermelon vs Cherry Tart

After recently purchasing Wild Watermelon I wanted to compare it to the other red-toned lip butter I own, Cherry Tart. Cherry Tart is also a pink-based red so I was interested to see how the two compare.

Cherry Tart, Wild Watermelon

As you can see from the packaging, the colours are very similar on both the lid and sticker. I freaked out thinking they were too similar but luckily they are very different.

Top: Wild Watermelon
Bottom: Cherry Tart

I was surprised to learn that Cherry Tart is a LOT more pink-based than Wild Watermelon! CT is a lot darker, too. WW is sheerer but a lot more red-toned.

It is amazing how a product can look so similar in packaging yet be totally different shades!

I hope this post was helpful :)

Krystal x


  1. I really like Wild Watermelon!

    1. I think I'm gonna grow to love it! Hard to say as I only just got it :)