Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Essence Lip Liner - REVIEW & SWATCHES

Today I'm bringing you swatches & a brief review of the Essence lipliners!

There are 8 lipliners available in Australia however I passed on the two brown shades as I do not usually rock a brown lip. Maybe in 10 years ha!

The shades I own are Red Blush, Satin Mauve, In The Nude, Cute Pink, Soft Berry & Femme Fatale.
I started my collection with Red Blush & Satin Mauve and absolutely fell in love. These lipliners are so creamy, pigmented and easily glide on the lips without tugging. They're also not drying!! But are you ready for the best part? They retail in Australia for.... ONE DOLLAR AND NINETY FIVE CENTS!!! $1.95! Easily one of the cheapest things on the market.

These are not mechanical - they are a pencil that will require sharpening.

TIME FOR SWATCHES! From left to right we have:
In The Nude, Satin Mauve, Soft Berry, Cute Pink, Red Blush & Femme Fatale.

In The Nude is you're average yellow-toned nude.
Satin Mauve is super unique - I love wearing this alone.
Soft Berry is a deep purple shade.
Cute Pink is a cool, mid-toned pink.
Red Blush is perfect to wear under vampy lip colours.
Femme Fatale is a bright, vibrant red.

I've got a quick YouTube video review on these two if you'd like to check it out!

Thanks for reading! I highly recommend these to anyone! <3
Krystal xo

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