Wednesday, 3 April 2013

My Inglot Neutrals Eyeshadow Palette (April 2013) SWATCHES

I have previously posted about the Inglot eyeshadow collection I had in March 2012 - I love Inglot and consider them the best for eyeshadows! My addictive personality takes a liking to these babies and I have expanded my collection since 2012 - especially my neutrals.

Today I went to Inglot to purchase a 10 palette to store my ever growing collection in.

The palette empty retails for $20, and each eyeshadow is $10. To fill this baby up it will (and almost has) cost a total of $120. As you can see I had one shadow placed into the palette for me - I tried to get every shadow out of the two-palette pans I previously stored them in (picture coming up) and this one just wouldn't come out!! I took it into the store and they kindly helped me out.

As you can see, I previously stored all of my Inglot shadows in 2 pan palettes. This was a nifty idea at first, but as my collection grew it became painful. I still have 8 coloured shadows in duo palettes, but for now I moved all of the neutrals into a 10 pan. I'm sure as I continue collecting I will eventually expand to a 10 pan palette for the colours as well!

You can also see above that I was sneaky and purchased 2 new shadows as well! It was my birthday recently so I decided to treat myself :)

As I played around with the layout I decided I wanted the top row to be matte and the bottom row to be everything else - AMC shine, Pearl, D.S, you name it. 

I had a lot of trouble choosing the arrangement of the 2nd and 3rd matte shades - one appears darker than the other in the pan, but the one is darker on the eye. After the photo above I decided to switch the two around to a logical order: lightest on the eye to darkest. Here is what the palette now looks like:

TOP ROW (ALL MATTE): 328, 357, 342, 326

There is room in each row for one more shadow - I'm not sure what each will be yet! Contemplating a matte black but not quite certain. Would love to add some highlight colours as well - maybe a matte white? Time will tell.

Speaking of time, it's TIME FOR SWATCHES!!


(all matte) 328, 357, 342, 326

328 is a gorgeous flesh toned shadow, great for evening out my skintone
357 is one of my favourite crease contour shades, a reddish light brown
342 is one of the newbies, a true taupe
326 is the other newbie and it is a great chocolate brown

Here's a closer look at 328 as it is flesh coloured it is hard to see in the swatch.


AMC SHINE 45, 406 PEARL, 422 PEARL, 465 D.S

AMC SHINE 45 is a buttery yellow cream with lots of shimmer - gets a lot of love from me in the inner corner!
406 PEARL a gorgeous bronze perfect for the lid
422 PEARL deeper bronze-taupe perfect for the outer corner
465 D.S a dark brown with golden shimmer, also gets a lot of love from me!

MATTE 328, 357, 342, 326, AMC SHINE 45, 406 PEARL, 422 PEARL, 465 D.S

I am super excited to start using these shadows more now that they're in one easy place. I love the size of the 10 palette, especially as it's the same size as my blush palette.

 For swatches & a review on blush palette click here. I got it a year ago exactly, wow!

As I previously mentioned I plan to eventually place my coloured shadows into a 10 pan palette as well but not just yet. Knowing me I will eventually expand into 3 10 pan palettes. Then 4. Then 5..... Oh boy.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post and hopefully the swatches encourage you to make a purchase. I 100% recommend Inglot shadows!
Krystal xo

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